Year: 2021

Vaping News

The Rollback of IQOS in the UK

Almost all flagship IQOS shops of PMI or Philip Morris International in the UK are now closed. It is because its heated products have failed to recreate the success of vape products for almost a decade. Their many glamorous PMI IQOS stores opened all over the UK.
From the first 16 shops opened up in 2019, only a few remained since PMI fell back on its purpose to broaden its existence on the street. Although some countries are making a good market, UK vapers and smokers have remained uninterested in heated tobacco products and proposals.
According to one of PMI’s staff, it was tv he last quarter of last year when the company…

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Vaping News

The Attack of Antz

Supporters of anti-tobacco campaigns have been persuading people for a long time not to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. These crusaders are called Antz or anti-vaping activists.
They have been recently attacked for generating lies regarding the harm reduction of tobacco and became blindfolded because of their hatred of various tobacco industries that they became responsible for commercializing vaping to youth.
Based on reports, health experts stated that attacks and misinformation from international well-funded non-government organizations hindered the harm reduction of tobacco and reduced death due to smoking in …

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Vaping News

The True Value of Smoking

The ILC or International Longevity Centre released a new report about an argument on measures to stop smoking that could actually save billions of the UK’s economy. A report on “Up in Smoke” was also released by ILC that emphasizes the price of smoking not only to one’s health but also to the health care system’s sustainability and the public purse.
After all, the Government’s goal is to “come back stronger” from the coronavirus pandemic.
According to the statistical reports released by ILC, the 77, 600 deaths in England each year were directly related to smoking. Over the decades, tobacco use has …

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