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Harm Reduction Hunting in Scotland

Aside from the rich history of Scotland, it is also known for its aquatic beast story, oil reserves, and numerous football supporters. Out of necessity, traveling for 1500 miles to explore the accessibility of electronic cigarettes is worth the risk.

The trip will explore how vaping evolves on a daily basis away from the city.

As you leave home, you have to make sure to bring a spare of everything such as spare device, juice, and atomizers for a satisfying vaping experience. This is the same scenario when you are traveling across Scotland, you must pack your travel essentials and refuel when you find a refilling station.

You’d want to spend the first night in Dumfries. However, things can sometimes go wrong, like there was no coiling kit included. In this case, searching for a list of vape shops in Dumfries on the internet is the best option, but since it is already late, the chance of finding one decreases.

So, another way is by posting on Facebook. In this case, it’d be common for someone to comment something like, “this is the UK, we lead the tobacco harm reduction.”

You see, Scotland has a different approach when it comes to vaping compared to England. ASH Scotland is much more lenient than ASH UK which is positively dealing with harm reduction. However, it’s just ironic to say that vaping is allowed in Scotland but there’s no shop to purchase it.

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