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Ohm’s Law and Electricity

Safety is vital to value the relationship between atomizer resistance, electric current, and voltage when you are utilizing an uncontrollable mod.


A battery that is fully charged and close to 4.2 volts. In a lot of ways, it has the same idea as water pressure. When the tank is full, there is a lot of pressure that forces water to go down through the pipe, but as it drains, there will be a small amount of water left, and then the force and flow will decrease.


Current is defined as the rate of electricity flow. Basically, the faster the battery runs, the faster it drains. In addition, the quicker it runs, the hotter the coil gets, which then leads to faster vaporizing of liquids producing more vape clouds and flavor.


As resistance increases, the flow of electricity slows down. The amount of wraps inside the coil and the wire thickness is where the coil’s resistance is dependent.


Power is defined as the energy rate that is being transferred from battery to coil. Most people prefer to use the changeable wattage setting as this gives an equal amount of energy transfer as well as longer satisfying vaping hours on their device.

Ohm’s Law

To calculate the maximum flowing current to your coil, divide 4.2 by the amount of resistance value of your coil.

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