Beginners Guide

Vaping – What is It?

Most people who are transitioning to vaping use the device to limit the cigarette they consume or ex-smokers.

But how does it work?

Basically, it uses electricity to make a heated coil which will then heat the liquid until it evaporates. The user inhales the vapor then exhales it in the same manner as when smoking cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette has three components: a chamber for the electronic liquid, the battery, and a coil. All kinds of vape machines have similar setups.

  • 1st generation – This device has a similar size to a cigarette. They are the most basic device with a low voltage.
  • 2nd generation – They have sealed supply of power that is rechargeable. Some have fixed or variable voltage to mix the taste.
  • 3rd generation – This device allows the vapers to alter the wattage or voltage and they come with a refillable tank.

Temperature Control

Evolv created the most recent development in the technology of vaping. Its newest feature allows users to calculate the resistance of a warming coil which then calculates the coil temperature.

Dry Hit

Once the wick becomes dry, the warm coil will burn its material. You can experience this by tasting a burnt taste in your mouth. New users commonly experience this as they allow the chamber to dry out.

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