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Are Pregnant Women Allowed to Use e-Cigarettes?

There are several reasons why pregnant women should quit smoking, and experts recommend smoking cessation during pregnancy as it poses financial and health risks. Now, the question is, should pregnant women use vaping instead?

Of course, there are various opinions on this question, and it can confuse the majority.

Allen Carr emphasizes that electronic cigarettes have harmful chemicals and nicotine can harm the brain of the baby and can be risky to the lungs of the mother.

But what harm does smoking pose?

A privately owned healthcare company stated that smoking any form of tobacco can be associated with babies’ death and weight issues (underweight).

According to Professor Bauld, smoking during pregnancy is still the primary preventable cause of maternal and neonatal death in the United Kingdom.

Another statement is from the Group of Smoking in Pregnancy. They stated that when a pregnant woman smokes or inhaled through secondary smoke, the oxygen going to the baby will be restricted, making the babies’ heart beat faster. Thus, exposure to harmful toxins can lead to congenital disabilities, miscarriages, and stillbirths.

On the other hand, is vaping better than smoking when you are pregnant?

Electronic cigarettes contain fewer ingredients and much lower levels, experts agree that vaping is much safer than cigarette smoking when you are pregnant. However, there is no evidence to support that nicotine can pose harm to babies.

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